Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October's Museum-Worthy Manis!

Good morning! As promised, I have my favorite nail art from October for you today! Naturally my blog feed was full of Halloween manis last month. I'm not always a fan of holiday-themed art, especially if it's cutesy, but I did find a few gems! Don't forget to check out the original blog posts and give props!

1. Hell God With a Six-Pack by PiggieLuv

Narmai did a lot of amazing Halloween art, so it was hard to choose, but I think this one is just over-the-top awesome. Plus the six-pack is great. And her painting skills are ace as usual.

2. Freehand Butterfly Art by Will Paint Nails For Food

It's not Halloween, but it IS beautiful. This is a more refined version of the butterfly mani you see everywhere (and which I've done before). When I first saw this mani, I was shocked how realistic it looks. I love that Meghan took inspiration from actual photos of butterfly wings.

3. Witch Mona Lisa by Break Rules, Not Nails

This mani is so outside-the-box, I just love it. Who would think to put the Mona Lisa in a Halloween mani? She made a water decal for Mona Lisa herself and painted the rest by hand--I love how creepy the landscape looks.

4. Holo Reciprocal X Round Gradient by Simply Nailogical

I love it when people take gradients to the next level (it's something I'd like to work on). This one almost feels like an optical illusion. And the holo just makes everything cooler!

5. Halloween Circles By Work Play Polish

This is a great understated Halloween mani in my opinion. Not overly cute or gory. I always love dotticures, and I also like the variety of shades of orange she used here. I might have to borrow this idea next year!

Honorable mention: Abstract Floral by Wondrously Polished

That's all for today! I hope my fellow Americans voted yesterday!

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