Thursday, March 5, 2015

February's Museum-Worthy Manis!

 Hey gang! I'm on my game today, getting these posts out! Here are my favorite manis from my Pinterest board for last month. Please go visit the artists' original posts and give them some love!

1. Color-Blocking Chevrons by Simply Nailogical

These are just amazingly well-done chevrons/stripes. I like that each nail has a different pattern, which you don't immediately notice, but it makes the whole mani more interesting!

2. Heart to Heart by The Daily Nail

I had to have one Valentine's mani in here, didn't I? This is one of the best uses of nail vinyls I've seen. I love the brush-strokey appearance of the gradient--it looks more rustic than a standard gradient!

3. Floral Over Wood Grain by Wondrously Polished

Not surprising that I have a floral from Wondrously Polished! This is a great contrast of patterns and color.

4. Over the Tree Tops by Piggie Luv

Narmai is just the best at landscape manis! I like that this is an alternative way to go with the galaxy mani technique. Did I mention it glows in the dark?

5. Watercolor Florals by Lacquerstyle

I was kind of surprised that I ended up with two florals on the list this month, but these are a quite different style than the ones above--very delicate and pretty. I love that she painted them over a thermal, which gives you tons of different looks throughout the day!

Honorable mention: Teal & Chevron by Pshiiit


  1. Some amazing nail art! Loving the last three in particular.

  2. Hi Alison, these are all great, and I hadn't seen a couple of them yet. Thanks for posting them for us to drool over! =)

  3. wow these nail art creations look al so great!