Thursday, September 3, 2015

August's Museum-Worthy Manis!

Hi folks! Today was my first day of classes...very weird to be back in a classroom again, especially as the topics are completely new to me!

I finally have my favorite nail art from August to share with you. Lots of summery manis this month! Please make sure to visit the original artists' posts and leave a nice comment!

1. My Picture Polish by Glitterfingersss

Yep, those flowers are freehanded! I'm drooling over these nails. I love florals in unexpected colors--these have a very mermaid-y vibe to me.

2. Beach Landscape by PiggieLuv

Don't you want to be on that beach right now? Impeccable landscape as usual, right down to the tiny footprints!

3. Nails Literally on Fire by Simply Nailogical

Actually, I think a more accurate title for this mani would be "fire literally on nails", but I digress! Simply Nailogical always has something interesting going on with gradients. I can't stop staring at this one!

4. Park Guell Inspired by Nailbees

This mani reminds me of a really fancy swimming pool! This is one of those techniques that's relatively straightforward but turns out stunning (which means I have to try it at some point!).

5. Reverse Stamp Floral by Manicurator

These are some absolutely immaculate stamping decals! Love the abstract floral pattern. This mani also makes me appreciate how well the Zoya Island Fun collection goes together!

Honorable mention: Abstract Stained Glass by Fashion Polish


  1. These are gorgeous! I really like that beach/ocean manicure a ton.

  2. My favorites are the beach one and the floral, just gorgeous!