Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trudy picspam

You may be wondering why my Google+ picture seems to be a giant mouth with ears. That is, in fact, my dog, Trudy. She's a three-year-old pit bull mix. We adopted her from a local shelter almost two years ago.

Her hobbies include chilling on the couch...

...standing in water...

...rubbing herself on the grass...

 ...looking cute at mealtime...

...and displaying her goods for all the world to see.

Trudy is shy of strangers, but very loving. If I'm on the couch, she has to be in my lap; she sleeps under the covers with me every night.

Pit bulls are probably the most misunderstood dog breed in the world. To learn more, visit Trudy says

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  1. Poor Trudy! I was going back through some old posts looking for an idea for a mani (since my mind seems to have gone blank) and couldn't help but stop on Trudy's post. As a long time pitty lover I was horrified to see that poor Trudy had no comments.

    Trudy you are ADORABLE and your sad face wants me to feed you dinner and some cookies. ROCK ON Trudy!