Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today's mani: Christmas tree

I decided I'd jump on the bandwagon of Christmas manis, since it's only two weeks away! (How did that happen??) I was a little apprehensive of doing nail art with my left hand (the nail that broke on that hand a month ago still isn't long enough for my liking), but it turned out pretty well!

The background color is Julep Scarlett. I outlined the tree with striping tape and filled it in with Scherer Emerald City (this is one of the few polishes that I still have from high school!). The gold and silver are Maybelline Bold Gold and Julep Harley.

What's on the top of your wishlist this Christmas? For me, it's nail polish, because I've been very good about not buying polish for several months now!


  1. This is super cute! For me...probably the naked 3 palette. :P

  2. Cute, love the tree especially, want trees on all the nails! I don't really *need* more nail polish (yet I accumulated several bottles today, between a Sephora order that came in, 3 of the 4 on great sale price, and a Walgreens trip for clearance items, tho none of the polish was clearance). But honestly I can't think of anything else I want right I guess gift cards so I can buy polish and not pay for it? :D

    1. Does anyone really NEED more nail polish? And yet...we can't stop accumulating it!!