Friday, April 25, 2014

Neverending Pile Challenge: Had to have it, still haven't worn it

Happy Friday! Today's Neverending Pile Challenge prompt made me laugh: had to have it, still haven't worn it. I think most polish collectors can relate to that feeling!

Here's the story of the polishes I picked. A year or so ago, I found a bunch of mini polish sets by The New Black online and instantly lusted after them; I think I was sucked in by the nice packaging. I remember agonizing over which set to buy for days. Finally I made up my mind and ordered the one called Noble Spirits. They arrived, got swatched, and went into my stash never to be worn.

So today I picked two polishes from the collection for my mani. I started with my favorite one, a dark indigo creme called Deep Amethyst (nice formula but chips very quickly), and made some half-moon designs using Golden Age.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I did have to shorten my nails! I was a little rough on my hands yesterday and lost a corner of my middle fingernail (of course on my swatching hand!!). So I'll have these rounded nails for a while.

Total untrieds tried: 19

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  1. That's a nice dark shade. Love the simple design you did too.