Monday, February 9, 2015

Today's mani: Dotted double gradient

Hi folks! Today we are getting yet another snowstorm. This might be the most snow I've ever seen on the ground at one time. We're running out of room to put it all!

Yesterday I decided to fool around with some new Zoyas I got during their last sale. I got three cremes that ended up looking nice together, so I tried out a gradient dotticure with them.

The base color is Claire, and the other two are Aubrey and Brigitte. I started by making a triangle shape in dots with Claire at the tip of the nail, and making each row one dot longer than the previous. I made the gradient more gradual by mixing the polishes together to get five colors in total. Once the triangles were done, I filled in the rest of the space using the same colors but starting with the lightest color at the bottom. Then I mattified everything!

I think the end result looks pretty cool, although I have to work on getting my dots more even.