Sunday, February 1, 2015

January's Museum-Worthy Manis!

Hey, January's finally over! (Unfortunately the bad weather isn't--we're supposed to get another big snowstorm tomorrow.) I'm happy because my application to grad school is all done and submitted, so with any luck I'll be going back to school in the fall to get (another) Master's degree!

Today, of course, I have my favorite nail art from my Pinterest board from last month. Please go take a look at the original artists' posts and say hi for me!

1. Floral Stamping Decals by Copycat Claws

I'm super impressed by this mani because I can never get stamping decals to look this good. I absolutely love the design and the color scheme too--it's making me wish for spring!

2. Once Upon a Time by The Nail Polish Challenge

This is exactly the kind of mani I would do if I had more talent. I love anything that looks ancient (classics major, I can't help it), and she did a great job with that old parchment background!

3. Inspired by Bob Ross by PiggieLuv

I hope you aren't getting bored of seeing PiggieLuv's landscapes in this feature, because I'm not going to stop picking them! The tree on her pinky finger is my favorite--the detail is just incredible.

4. Nail Art With Picture Polish by Fashion Polish

Normally I don't pick favorites when I make this list, but this mani is probably my favorite this time. I fell in love at first sight! I think it's because of that 3D effect she achieved with the gradient that radiates out from the center of the nail.

5. Chevron Scaled Gradient by Simply Nailogical

And speaking of gradients! I'm so glad I started following Simply Nailogical, because she does some amazing stuff with gradients. The matte version of this mani just makes me drool.

Honorable mention: I is for Inspired by Pocket Money Polishes


  1. I was blown away by that Fashion Polish mani too! Totally amazing!

  2. Wow you're just soo talented, I'm in love with these new manicures!
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful nail arts with us!