About Me

My name is Alison. I live with my awesome dog and even awesomer husband in the Boston area, where I get to wake up to the smell of the ocean!

I've been into nail polish since fall of 2012. After I got my M.A. in linguistics, I decided I needed a new hobby that didn't involve staring at a computer screen. I stumbled upon a thread about nails in my favorite forum, and the rest is history. I think I love doing my nails because it's completely opposite to academic work: it lets me use the creative side of my brain, and after only an hour or two I get an (ideally) beautiful finished product to admire!

I also like reading, thinking and talking about language and linguistics. I've studied six languages to varying degrees, but I know German and Latin best. I'm also an Ancient Rome geek.

I love fantasy novels, especially Tolkien, and fantasy RPGs (The Elder Scrolls is my favorite series). I also read a lot of nonfiction these days, especially stuff about biology and evolution, astronomy, anthropology, religion and culture.

I like to cook and eat, but hate washing dishes. It's a quandary.

I'm open to collaboration of all kinds; just drop me a line!

 About the name


ALIQUID is Latin for 'something, anything'. It's made of two parts: the prefix ali- meaning 'some, any', and quid, meaning 'what'. It's pronounced AH-lee-quid (not ey-liquid as my husband says).

The fine print


Whenever I review or discuss a product, I always disclose where I got it from--whether I bought it myself, was sent it for review, etc. I do not accept money in exchange for a product review. I will always be 100% honest in my reviews.

I sometimes post affiliate links, which means if someone buys a product I link to, I get a small percentage of the profit. I don't post links to just anything; I only link to products I already own and love.

You're welcome to use any of my watermarked images on your site/Pinterest/wherever, as long as you link back to my blog. Do not edit my images in any way.

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