Monday, February 3, 2014

I made food: Cheesy white beans with kale and a fried egg

Not to brag, but I made something really good for dinner yesterday. Bask in the glory of this image, then I'll tell you all about it...

Here is the recipe for this bowl of deliciousness. The base is white beans with garlic and scallions, thickened with cream, cheddar and Parmesan into a smooth, rich and flavorful porridge; it's topped with kale sauteed until crispy with lemon juice, and a fried egg for good measure! I can't express how fantastic a comfort food this was. The beans are pure distilled wintery goodness, and the kale, raw scallions and lemon add a nice contrast in taste and texture. And the egg...well, it's just an extra bonus.

This dish seems to be intended for breakfast, but I think it fits any meal. We were both loosening our belts by the bottom of the bowl. I won't comment on the fat content, but at least it's low carb and high protein!

Mr. ALIQUID suggests this would make a good dip too (without the egg)!

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  1. Oh man, this looks Delicious. How did you know about my weakness for eggs over greens? I kind of want to add a little cubed bacon and eat this all week long, and probably will do just that :)