Thursday, February 27, 2014

February's Gimme That Polish!

  Emily de Molly Turbulence by It's All About the Polish ILNP Nostalgia (H) by Nailz Craze Zoya Dillon by Polish Hound GLAM Polish Spectral by Work Play Polish Nail Pattern Boldness Intoxicated by Accio Lacquer
It's new feature time here at ALIQUID! If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I'm constantly pinning swatches of polishes I'm lusting after. (My wishlist is currently about 50% larger than my actual stash...) I decided it would be fun, at the end of each month, to pick my top five lemmings from that month and share them with you! You can click on any of the images in the collage above or keep reading to find out about each polish. Make sure to give the original swatchers some love! Let's get started!

1. Emily de Molly - Turbulence


This isn't a new polish, but it's new to me. Why must these Australian indies keep torturing me with such amazing stuff?? Just look at it, a blue jelly (already +1 in my book) packed with sparkly holographic goodness. I have so many EdMs on my wishlist now! Check out the great swatches by It's All About the Polish and Emily de Molly's shop!

2. I Love Nail Polish - Nostalgia (H)

Yep, I'm still a sucker for those ILNP ultrachromes, despite owning two already. Nostalgia is a newer one, and this version has the added holographic finish. Unnnhhh, color shift... (Here are more swatches by Nailz Craze, and the ILNP shop.)

3. Zoya - Dillon

Zoya remains the master of the glass fleck. I want all of the glass flecks from the spring Awaken collection (except that yellow one, would NOT look good on me), but this seafoam green fellow is just calling my name. Polish Hound has gorgeous swatches of all of them!

4. Glam Polish - Spectral

OK let's be honest, I need the entire Supernatural collection from Glam Polish. Jewel tones with shimmer, flakies and holo glitter? GIMME GIMME GIMME. Another seductive Aussie brand!! Here are Work Play Polish's delicious swatches and Glam's shop (they ship to the US, it's just pricey!).

5. Nail Pattern Boldness - Intoxicated

When I wear glitter, I don't like mucking about with layering and all that nonsense. I want full coverage, dammit! Well, Nail Pattern Boldness' Parliament of Magpies collection gets my thumbs-up in that department. I just love the intricate pattern formed by those tiny glitters. I need, like, half this collection right now (despite the prospect of removing all that glitter). Check out Accio Lacquer's fabulous swatches and NPB's shop!

I hope you're lusting after all of these now too! I'll be back tomorrow with my top nail art from February! Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest!


  1. Oh my god. That swatch of Turbulence. It's like staring into the face of God.

  2. Emilie de Molly is the queen of the glitter-in-jelly polish, I swear. To be quite honest, I'm underwhelmed by the holo version of Nostalgia- it's odd for me to be saying this, but it feels like there's TOO much going on. Like the holo clashes with the shift. With all her other holo ultrachromes it works, but maybe I'm just a traditionalist- I prefer my ultrachromes smooth. I could see liking one of the cooler toned ultrachromes with holo but I'll still probably get the regular ones.

  3. Yea, I'll have to agree with Cathy about Turbulence! Yet another EdM to add to mah Lems! Thanks for including Dillion- it'll look great on your nails- and it's NOT blue, so you have that going for you!