Thursday, July 3, 2014

June's Museum-Worthy Manis!

Hey there! It's time to show you my favorite nail art from June! These were my top 5 from my nail art Pinterest board. Make sure to go give props to the artists on their blogs!

1. KBShimmer Early Summer Holo Nail Art by Manicurator

 You know I love geometric designs, so this one really hits the spot! I love how each nail looks like a little window...or maybe like an alien symbol? Plus those metallic holos are so classy!

2. Visit Lumpy Space by Chalkboard Nails

This mani was inspired by Adventure Time, which I've never seen, but doesn't it look like a screencap from a cartoon? I just love the colors and the whimsical pattern, plus her freehand skills are top-notch as usual!

3. Green Dragon by PiggieLuv

Narmai of PiggieLuv pops up in my Museum-Worthy Manis post just about every month, and for good reason: she is an absolutely phenomenal artist. Look at all the tiny details on the dragon's body! The shading! Totally stunning. Plus I have always been into dragons, so I instantly knew I'd be choosing this mani.

4. Valentino Resort 2015 Inspired by Chelsea Queen

Wow...I just love the intricate geometric design here, plus the mix of colors used. If I had to name this style, I'd call it "computer tribal"...does that make sense? This mani was inspired by a pretty funky purse, which you should go check out at Chelsea's blog!

5. C'est l'été, tous en fleurs! by Marine Loves Polish

This pattern is so simple, yet it got stuck in my mind. I think it's the contrast of black and white with rainbows, and the minimalist floral pattern. This is one mani I really want to try for myself!

I've also got an honorable mention: a vintage floral by Wondrously Polished!

What do you think? Who are your favorite nail artists?


  1. Thank you very much for featuring my mani!
    Have a lovely day :)