Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June's Gimme That Polish!

One day I'll manage to do my Gimme That Polish post before the month is actually over! At any rate, here are my five favorite polishes of the ones I pinned to my wishlist last month. Check out the original blogger reviews and let me know your biggest lemmings in the comments!

1. Indigo Bananas Acid Ocean

Andrea of Indigo Bananas continues to be amazing with her new collection of jelly flakies. I love the way those toxic green flakies pop out of the murky blue reminds me of a bioluminescent sea creature! (Indigo Bananas shop | swatch by The Mercurial Magpie)

2. KBShimmer Look High and Holo

I had to have at least one jelly glitterbomb this month! This one is super colorful and perfect for summer. Plus, come on, holo glitter! Yes please! (KBShimmer shop | swatch by Nail Polish Wars)

3. Glam Polish Rivendell

OK, not only is this a Lord of the Rings-themed polish AND a teal polish, but just look at those flecks! Flakes and flecks are probably my #1 favorite "thing to put in nail polish", so I'm all over this one. (Glam Polish shop | swatch by Accio Lacquer)

4. Powder Perfect Deceptively Sweet

This one's uncharacteristically girly for me, but I love the muted lilac base color, and the gold shimmer makes it special but still restrained. You definitely need to check out the full-size pics to appreciate this polish! (Powder Perfect shop | swatch by The Nail Polish Project)

5. Northern Star Polish Electric Lime

Mmm, this shade of green really hits the spot for me. The combo of the green with the various colors of glitter makes me think of tropical fruit! An awesome polish for summer. (Northern Star shop | swatch by The Mercurial Magpie)


  1. Great colors here! There all so pretty.

  2. Okay, now I want that Powder Perfect shade too!!

  3. I think I will be adding Deceptively Sweet to my wishlist too now :)