Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two swatches and vacation update!

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Hi everyone! Hope you've had a great week since I talked to you last! We've had a great time on vacation so far! First, though, I of course want to show you what I wore on my nails this week...

I'm happy I cut my nails short, because my manis have lasted a lot longer than usual! I've only worn two polishes since my last post. The first is Literary Lacquers As the Waltz Was Ending, a lovely warm lavender with a soft linear holo effect:

Literary Lacquers As the Waltz Was Ending. Two coats with Out the Door topcoat.

I think I would put this shade in the Radiant Orchid family (it's a little warmer than it looks here). I found the formula a little patchy, even on the second coat, so if you have longer nails you might need three coats.

Right now I'm wearing Maya Cosmetics Beach Baby. Sadly, Maya Cosmetics is no longer around (I bought this polish in their going-out-of-business sale) but you might be able to snag a second-hand bottle somewhere! This is a full-coverage microglitter in shades of copper, bronze, brown, orange and pink--it really makes me think of people lying around on the beach getting tan!

Maya Cosmetics Beach Baby. One coat with Out the Door topcoat.

This polish covered in one perfect coat! I would actually classify this as a textured polish; even with topcoat it feels gritty. It would look great without topcoat too.

OK, on to my exciting personal life! Mr. ALIQUID and I started our vacation at his parents' place, where we got to see my absolute favorite band of all time, Barenaked Ladies!! (Yes, they are still around!) It was a concert in a park, and we got there early enough to grab a spot in the second row! I was basically going nuts, and my husband was nice enough to humor me...

Next we visited my sister-in-law in New York City. Highlights included walking across the Brooklyn Bridge...

...and having some amazing fried chicken at Root and Bone in Manhattan. Highly recommended!

Then we had a very boring drive to Michigan to see my family. Right now we're getting ready for our trip up north! So keep an eye on my Instagram for some more pics!

Here's Max, one of my parents' dogs, looking cute!


  1. So nice to hear your having a lovely time on your vacation!

  2. Max is so adorable and that fried chicken looks amazing.