Thursday, September 18, 2014

An ode to brown polish

Hey there! Fall is almost here, and that means pumpkin pie, apple cider and brown nail polish!! I love brown polish of all shades, but I know that's a pretty unpopular opinion. I see a lot of comments like, "that's a nice color, but I never wear brown."

But I think brown gets a bad rap. Think about how many shades of brown there are; you are bound to find one that you like and that goes nicely with your skintone (don't forget that nude/off-white shades are technically brown too!). Brown polish can work as a great neutral/work-safe shade, or a super vampy shade that's a little less harsh than black.

I have over 30 brown polishes in my stash, and I picked out a range of them to show you how versatile brown can be. Join me, won't you??

(I apologize in advance for the yellow stains on my nails in some of these photos. I accidentally got Yellow #5 all over my fingers!)

Let's start with some light brown shades!

If you're wary of going full-on brown, you might like a warm grey/taupe shade like Sephora by OPI Thyme For a Mani. (I know this brand is no longer available, but there are a million dupes of this color.)

Julep Otte is a nice light yellow-toned brown. I've used this polish as the background shade in a classic leopard print mani.

Painted Sabotage Gettin' Eggy Wit It is sadly my only brown-based glitter polish. This one just screams fall/winter to me!

Julep Annemarie has more red in it than the previous polishes. This could definitely classify as a nude depending on your skintone.

Julep Cynthia is a very unobtrusive shade, but its beautiful holo flecks make it pop!

OK, time to get more intense!

Essie Sable Collar is strongly red/purple leaning, so smoky and sexy!

Revlon French Roast is warm and chocolatey with gorgeous multicolored flecks!

Nicka K Classic Taupe is a...well, classic shade of smoky brown. It's pretty neutral in tone. (Yes, this is an old photo!) A very similar polish is Revlon Stormy Night.

Have a matte brown! Maybelline Mod Moss has shimmery green/gold tones and small white flakes.

Zoya Cheryl positively glows with fiery red flecks! Reminds me of fall leaves and bonfires!

Last but not least, here's a textured polish. OPI What Wizardry Is This? has a deep brown base with bronze sparkle.

And of course I have to pimp ALIQUID Lacquer a little bit! I have a few brown polishes available in my shop. :-)

Well, what do you think? Are you a brown polish lover or hater? What's your favorite brown polish? One thing I don't have but really want is a brown holo!


  1. Great post! Just in time for fall!

  2. Brown is soo not my color but Cheryl looks awesome!

  3. I know this post is quite old, but so beautiful! I have never managed to capture French Roast the way you did.