Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August's Museum-Worthy Manis!

Hi everyone! Happy Hump Day! Today I've got my favorite nail art from last month--make sure to go visit the original artists' posts and give them props for their amazing work!

1. Pink and Nude Gradient by The Nail Polish Project

This is just a technically perfect mani--the gradient's beautiful, the stamping is flawless, and I love the contrast of black with the girly background colors! Plus I need that stamping plate now!

2. Inspired by Ann Marie Bone by PiggieLuv

I have to confess that I pin basically every mani that Narmai posts because they are ALWAYS beautiful. You have to look at the full size of this one. She says it took her seven hours to finish, and I'm not surprised! Just unbelievable freehand work.

3. Intricate Floral Nail Art by Wondrously Polished

Lindsey at Wondrously Polished is another of my favorite nail artists, especially for her floral patterns. I'm not usually a huge floral gal, but hers always have a whimsical touch that makes them more interesting (IMO) than a traditional rose mani. These are kind of cartoony, and I love the pastel color scheme!

4. Southwestern Wedding Anniversary Nails by Nail Polish Society

First of all, happy anniversary to Emiline and her hubby! The contrast between the blue and the pale orange just called out to me. Awesome freehanding too!

5. Neutral Nail Art with Zoya Naturel Deux by Work Play Polish

Mmmm, those perfect rows of dots make me feel all Zen inside. Who else loves a good dotticure? Plus I want ALL those neutrals.

Honorable mention goes to: Tie Dye Neon Flip Flops by Manicurity


  1. Wow! I feel so special to be featured in your Museum-Worth Manis! <3 And thank you, we had a great anniversary! :)

  2. I love these posts! It's the best of the best! :)