Monday, September 1, 2014

August Gimme That Polish!

Happy Labor Day! Hope my fellow Americans have a relaxing day planned! I'm going to be mixing nail polish all day. :-D

Today I've got my top five polishes from my Pinterest wishlist board for August. It's a mix of summery and autumnal shades, since fall is indeed creeping up on us! Make sure to go visit the original bloggers' posts for more details!

1. Dance Legend - Moorland

OK, you really have to click on the image so you can see the full glory of this polish! It has these tiny black flecks that give it an amazing smoky look! I always know a polish is well done when I start thinking about how I might be able to reproduce the effect! (Dance Legend store | swatch by Nail Polish Wars)

2. I Love Nail Polish - Black Orchid

I actually had a really hard time picking my favorite polish from the ILNP fall collection, but this deep winey/plummy holo kept calling to me! I'm such a sucker for vampy polishes! (ILNP store | swatch by ChrissyAI)

3. Dollish Polish - So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Not only is this polish a tribute to an amazing book series (and an amazing author...RIP Douglas Adams!), but I absolutely love the glitter mix, especially those little pops of green! (Dollish Polish store | swatch by Accio Lacquer)

4. Lavish Polish - Short Shorts

This one is making me think of candy! I love the purple, of course, and I think those teal glitters really round out this polish in a perfect way. (Lavish Polish store | swatch by Lacquer: The Best Medicine)

5. KBShimmer - A Raisin to Live

OK, first off, I'm usually pretty sick of puns in nail polish names, but this one amused me! Love the deep vampy jelly with the pops of holo glitter! (KBShimmer store | swatch by The Mercurial Magpie)

Honorable mention goes to: OPI DS Titanium

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