Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ALIQUID Lacquer Puppy Love LE for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Hi folks! That's right, I've got some more new ALIQUID Lacquer for ya!

This time it's a very special limited edition that will only be for sale during October. It celebrates Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, which of course Trudy and I are big supporters of! Right, Trudy?

I'll take that as a yes.

So, the polish! It's called Puppy Love and has a bright teal base with pink and gold flecks and a holo sparkle!

The polish sells for $11, and $5 from each purchase will go to the ASPCA. Donations to the ASPCA help with a lot of great causes, including:
  • Grants to shelters nationwide
  • Spay/neuter and microchipping programs
  • Adoption, fostering and relocation programs
  • Investigation and seizure of abused animals
  • Lobbying for anti-cruelty legislation

Did you know that 3.9 million dogs enter shelters in the U.S. every year, and about a third of them are euthanized? There's a belief out there that shelter dogs will always have some sort of behavioral problem that makes them an undesirable pet, but that just isn't true. NO dog is perfect, and EVERY dog can improve! Plus, if you adopt an adult dog you know exactly what you're getting!

When we adopted Trudy, we loved her right from the start. She is so cuddly and affectionate, not to mention really smart! (Bad at playing catch though.) She loves to run and play, but is also great at power napping if we're busy. As a pit bull mix, she didn't have a great chance at being adopted because of the stigma against pit bulls in this country. At least 800,000 pit-bull-type dogs are euthanized every year in the U.S. Luckily we haven't had to overcome too much prejudice; the only difficulty was finding an insurance company that will insure an apartment with a pit bull (go State Farm!).

In terms of behavior, Trudy does show signs of dog aggression, which was a bred-for trait in pit bulls originally (they were, and sadly still are, fighting dogs!). But she has never shown any signs of aggression toward people, even in scary situations like the vet or groomer. She will bark at people if she's afraid, but generally a calm demeanor (and maybe a treat!) will relax her pretty quickly. We have no idea what her life was like before we adopted her, only that she was left to wander around on the street with no ID. I like to think that she's much happier now!

It's important to remember once again that every dog has its good points and bad points--just like people!--and to learn how to deal with them. If you're interested in adopting a dog, you can start reading here. Just be sure that you can afford the time, money, and emotional investment to care for it for the rest of its life! If you're not sure you can, consider volunteering at a shelter or as a foster owner instead. And don't forget to spay/neuter! Puppies are awesome, but more puppies = more dogs in shelters. :-(

Thanks for reading my spiel! I'm aiming to sell at least 50 bottles of Puppy Love this month--that's $250 for the ASPCA! It would be awesome if you could help out!


  1. Hehe, the last pic of Trudy is why I love Pits. That is a good tip about State Farm! I am going to keep that in mind.

  2. Trudy, you are so cute!! This is so awesome of you to do, too! And definitely good tip about State Farm, we had that same problem finding home insurance with a chow. :(

  3. That is a gorgeous teal color! It is so sad about pit bulls. I think they are one of the sweetest breeds out there. They tend to only listen to their owners but that is one of the reasons I love them, they are very loyal!