Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September's Gimme That Polish!

Yep, I'm double-posting today! I had to show you my favorite lemmings from my Pinterest wishlist for September! We're rapidly approaching Halloween, so my list is a bit spooky this month. Just hold my hand and you'll be fine! ;-) Don't forget to visit the original blog reviews of these polishes for more details!

1. Dollish Polish - Got Brains?

Mmm, love how murky and creepy this one is! Plus if you check out the rest of the photos, you'll see the awesome color shift! (Dollish Polish shop | swatch by Accio Lacquer)

2. China Glaze - Choo-Choo Choose You

Yes, another dark and shifty shimmer! They're definitely in season, but I seriously could wear this kind of polish every day of the year. Actually, I kind of need the entire China Glaze All Aboard collection. (China Glaze site | swatch by Lace and Lacquers)

3. Philly Loves Lacquer - Bats Are the Chicken of the Cave

Ahhh I just love full-coverage microglitter! This one looks like TV static. Plus it's holographic!! Just love everything about this. (Philly Loves Lacquer shop | swatch by Accio Lacquer)

4. Cadillacquer - The Rest is Silence

Let's interrupt the parade of moody polish with an in-your-face aqua! Holos with contrasting shimmer are my new favorite thing. The whole Sons of Anarchy collection is amazing like this. (Cadillacquer shop | swatch by Fashion Polish)

5. Glam Polish - Wicca

I saved the most amazing thing for last. PURPLE and HOLO and HOLO GLITTER?? I kinda want to eat this picture. (Glam Polish shop swatch by Lacquerstyle)

Honorable mention: Elevation Polish - Devil's Cauldron


  1. Got Brains is sooooooo very lovely! Great choices!

  2. I am just obsessed with Choo-Choo Choose You, it's so unique! I think I need Wicca now, too :)