Friday, December 5, 2014

November's Museum-Worthy Manis!

Hi again! Happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? My birthday is Monday, so we might do something fun this weekend, but I'm not sure. At least my cold is going away!

So today I have my favorite nail art from last month. I didn't notice until I put the collage together that they're almost all black + metallic. Funny! But if you can't do that color combo in winter, when can you do it?? As usual, please go and look at the original artists' blog posts for details!

1. Give In To the Darkness by Chalkboard Nails

This mani is like a creepy take on the traditional French tip! I love the fuzziness of the border of the French tip--it's like an evil force slowly crawling up the nail! Plus the combo of black and nude is just so eye-catching.

2. Edgy Purple and Black Holo Fishnet Gradient by Simply Nailogical

Sexy!! Check out that reciprocal gradient on the accent nail. I really need to check out some of her gradient tutorials, because she is the master. I also love the slight hint of purple--it doesn't pop out, it just adds a little extra interest.

3. Light Years Spiral by Wacky Laki

Whoa, I'm getting dizzy! What a great choice to use this stamp over a holo--it just screams "carnival" to me. I don't usually go for 3D nail art, but those studs really pull everything together.

4. Inspired by Chuck Pinson by PiggieLuv

It wouldn't be Museum-Worthy Manis without one of Narmai's astounding freehand manis! Please go read her post and see the closeup photos of those trees! It's really mind-boggling to me.

5. #WNAC2014 Metallic Colorblock by Lacquerstyle

This is just straight-up classy to me. Love the mod colorblocking pattern and the choice of metallic polishes: they're different enough to be distinguishable, and you get these glints of different colors, but they give a monochromatic effect overall. Super cool!

Honorable mention: Green Hills of Africa by May Contain Traces of Polish