Monday, December 8, 2014

Today's mani: Sideways ruffian for my birthday!

Good evening ladies and gents! Today I turned 29. That means after today I've officially stopped aging forever (right???).

The highlight of my day is the chocolate cake, still upcoming, but of course I did a fun mani as well. I used a brand new polish that I bought myself as an early birthday present: OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid. It's a pretty light teal that I think is different from anything else in my collection. I decided to do a sideways ruffian, because I've just started seeing the design everywhere and it's really classy!

The sideways ruffian is very easy if you want to try it. First you polish your nails with your base color and let it dry completely. Then stick down a French tip guide along the curve you want for the ruffian (use tweezers to make it easier). Paint the side of your nail with color #2 (in this case Zoya Ziv) and immediately remove the tip guide. Done!


  1. Happy birthday! Really pretty manicure too. That green is lovely and with the sideways ruffian, it looks so elegant.

  2. I love sideways ruffians, looks great! Happy Birthday! How was that cake?