Saturday, January 31, 2015

January's Gimme That Polish!

Hey gang! Look, I'm doing January's Gimme That Polish and it's still January!! I'm really on top of things this month. As usual, these are my five favorite lemmings from my Pinterest board for this month. Don't forget to check out the original bloggers' posts for more pics and reviews!

1. Emily de Molly - Ariel's Realm

As I'm sure you know, ultrachrome flakies are all the rage right now. I love that brands have started incorporating them into more complex polishes rather than just making clear toppers. This is a super sexy one with a blue jelly base...definitely makes me think "mermaid"! (Emily de Molly shop | swatch by More Nail Polish)

2. Hare Polish - When the Melting Clock Strikes Midnight

This is another flakie-based polish, this time in a white crelly. I love the way the white base softens the look of the flakies, but you still get bright flashes of color here and there! (Hare Polish shop | swatch by Shelby Lou Nails)

3. Femme Fatale - Stand in the Clouds

OK, this combo of bright aqua and gold just scratches some itch for me like no other color combo. Don't care if it's sheer. Gimme!! (There's actually another polish in this same collection that I love too, In His House He Waits Dreaming.) (Femme Fatale shop | swatch by Very Emily)

4. Reverie Nail Lacquer - Provence

I'm such a sucker for interesting glitter mixes. This one has a great selection of colors and sizes--I think it's the splashes of purple that really make it. No gimmicky glitter shapes, just pure sparkly goodness! (Reverie Nail Lacquer shop | swatch by The Mercurial Magpie)

5. F.U.N Lacquer - Blessing (H)

I know ultrachromes are soooo last year, but that gold holo glitter is just calling to me. I know I'm not alone! (F.U.N Lacquer shop | swatch by Simply Nailogical)

Honorable mention: Il Etait un Vernis - Drop Dead Gorgeous

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