Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June's Gimme That Polish!

Hey gang! It's a new month already (how??) so of course I have my top lemmings from last month to show you! As usual, I've linked to the original reviews so you can read more about them.

1. Dance Legend - Evolution

No, it's not summery, but just look at that blue glow! Dance Legend is pretty much at the top of my "favorite brands I don't own any of" list, know what I mean? (swatch by More Nail Polish | Dance Legend shop)

2. Rescue Beauty Lounge - Refined and Polished

I straight up love the unusual color combo here! Plus, this polish was designed by Lakeisha of Refined and Polished, who is a pretty awesome lady. (swatch by Manicurator | Rescue Beauty Lounge shop)

3. Literary Lacquers - Bottletown

I still love it when people add extra stuff to holos--I mean, yes, holos are amazing, but more stuff = more amazing! In this case you get extra blue and rainbow flashes, alongside that interesting shade of green. (swatch by The Mercurial Magpie | Literary Lacquers shop)

4. Glam Polish - Crystal Couture

I've been seeing this style of polish (silver holo base plus sprinklings of glitter) everywhere lately, and I love the bling factor. No surprise that Glam Polish does it well! (swatch by KellieGonzo | Glam Polish shop)

5. Elevation Polish - When the Cherry Met the Spoon

I don't really go for red polish, but nudge it just a bit towards purple and I must have it! This jelly is so squishy looking, I almost want to eat it (note: do not eat nail polish). (swatch by Manicurator | Elevation Polish shop)

Honorable mention: LynB Designs - Servitude


  1. Haha, yes, I totally have a "love but don't own" list, but at the top of mine is Aliquid!

  2. Bottletown is so pretty :o I have a huge list of brands I want to try too, haha!