Saturday, January 11, 2014

Swatch: Ellagee Fame

The product in this post was purchased with a blogger discount. All opinions are my own.

Today I have for you the second of three Ellagee polishes that I bought recently. Fame is a metallic multichrome that shifts from purple to copper to gold and even a little green. It also has lots of silver and copper sparks. You know I love my multichrome polishes, so let's jump in!

I started with two coats of Ellagee's Grip basecoat, since, as we discovered yesterday, one coat wasn't quite enough to fill all my ridges. This time I think my nails came out really smooth!

Now here's a shot of the "base" color of Fame, a silvery purple with hints of copper.

Ellagee Fame. Two coats with two coats Ellagee Grip basecoat. Out the Door topcoat.

Instead of fiddling with angles and lighting to capture the color shift, I decided to try the hand-in-water trick. It took me several shots to get it right, but I think I captured the shift pretty well! (And look how pale I am, geez...)

"Fame" is definitely a perfect name for this polish. It has a very high-fashion, rich look with a bit of a sinister side!

The formula was just about the right thickness for me, although it didn't want to self-level, so I had to manipulate it a bit. I did get slightly visible brushstrokes on some nails. Two coats was just barely opaque. (I wonder how this would look layered over black?) Dry time was good. [Update 1/30: We discovered that the polish I received came from a bad batch that was thickening up in the cold weather. The new batch is much easier to apply!]

Fame is available at ($11 for 15 ml). Grip basecoat is $6.50 for 15 ml. Check out the company's Facebook page too! Ellagee polishes are 5-free!

 The product in this post was purchased with a blogger discount. All opinions are my own.


  1. I always hear about the underwater trick, but how do you set up a shot like that? What kind of lighting do you use? I have never successfully executed an underwater shot, but I really want to learn how.

    1. Haha, well I'm certainly no expert on it, but basically I got the biggest glass bowl we have, filled it with water, and then moved around my hand and my lamp (w/ daylight bulb) until I got what I wanted. I think I ended up with the light coming down from above (it was easier to get a clear photo from above the water than through the side of the bowl).

  2. Haha sinister! I love that description. Thanks so much for the review, it looks great!