Friday, January 10, 2014

Swatch: Ellagee It's a Gas Gas Gas! and Grip basecoat

The products in this post were purchased with a blogger discount. All opinions are my own.

I have three lovely indie polishes from Ellagee to review for you! Today I'm wearing It's a Gas Gas Gas!, which is a muted fuchsia with lots of holographic shimmer and scattered holo microglitter. Laura also kindly sent me a bottle of Grip, a ridge-filling basecoat that's meant to be great under holos. I have pretty ridged nails, so I gave it a try!

I first applied one coat of Grip. It's very thick but spreads easily and dries quickly. Its formula seemed very similar to Gelous actually. It did smooth out most of my ridges, but not completely (you can see some on my ring finger below). Ellagee recommends using two coats of Grip for deep ridges, so I'll try that tomorrow!

Now here's It's a Gas Gas Gas!, first indoors and then in direct sunlight. Look at that shimmer!!

Ellagee It's a Gas Gas Gas! One coat over Ellagee Grip. Out the Door topcoat.

I'm just drooling over this polish. The color is beautiful, and the holo effect is soft and makes the polish look very refined. It looks pretty close to A England Briar Rose, but a little cheaper and easier for those of us in the US to get our hands on.

Now the downside to It's a Gas Gas Gas! was the formula: it was too thick for my taste. Once on the nail, it sat in a glob and refused to level out. I had to go over each nail several times to get everything even and fill in all the empty spots. I ended up with some visible brushstrokes. The holo glitter was also partly obscured by the thick formula (those little dots that look like bubbles in the first picture are actually glitter).  [Update 1/30: We discovered that the polish I received came from a bad batch that was thickening up in the cold weather. The new batch is much easier to apply!]

That said, I think a few drops of polish thinner would solve all these problems. So if you like the color and own some thinner, don't be afraid to buy It's a Gas Gas Gas!. I'm definitely going to be wearing it again!

It's a Gas Gas Gas! and Grip are available at (It's a Gas Gas Gas! is $9.75 for 15 ml; Grip is $6.50 for 15 ml). Check out the company's Facebook page too! Ellagee polishes are 5-free!

The products in this post were purchased with a blogger discount. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks so much! The photos look great, your nails are lovely!