Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet #11: St. Patrick's Day

OK, I realize St. Patrick's Day was two days ago. But I was nonstop busy mixing polish and filling bottles to get my blogger samples shipped out! I didn't even have any polish on my nails for two days! Soooo I did my St. Patrick's Day mani today. I'm only 1/8 Irish and I don't like beer, so the holiday isn't that exciting for me. But I do like green!

For three of my nails I used China Glaze Four Leaf Clover topped with Indigo Bananas Lucky Strike (two very apropos names!), and for my accent nail I used Zoya Ziv with Four Leaf Clover for the shamrock. To do the shamrock, I just made four large dots and dragged a toothpick through each.

Did you celebrate the holiday this week? Green milkshakes maybe?

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  1. Ugh- that is such a creative/ effective way to do shamrock! I'm kind of like you about St. Patrick's....didn't really celebrate. I'm of pretty strong Irish lineage, but yah, idk, it seems a little culturally-insensitive (much like Cinco de Mayo in a way) to go out and get plastered just for the sake of it! Or maybe I am a scrooge! Hahaha!

    Great manicure, anyway!

  2. I love all those polishes together! So perfect. And the flakie really kicks it up a notch. Drooling...
    I also don't like beer. I didn't do anything, considering it was Monday anyhow. And I didn't wear any green either :O I'm like "back off, my eyes are green!"

    1. Haha! It doesn't help me get in the holiday spirit when the only comment on my St. Patrick's nails is "How goyische." (yes, my husband is Jewish)

  3. Very pretty! You didn't get it posted late, you just posted it super early for next year!

  4. Very pretty! The names are perfect! Looks like I need the Indigo Bananas glitter. I don't celebrate, but it's a fun theme for nail art.

  5. Very cute - love that shamrock!