Sunday, March 30, 2014

March's Gimme That Polish!


 Hey everyone! March is coming to an end (already?!), and that means it's time for Gimme That Polish! These are my top five polishes I pinned on my Pinterest wishlist this month. I confess I've gotten really behind on blog reading lately, but I still managed to find five lemmings (I mean really, that's not hard)!

1. Jindie Nails - Anniversary Seaquins

This isn't a new polish, but it's new to me. You probably know by now that I love all crelly glitter polishes, and I'm drooling over the sheer amount and variety of glitters in this one! (Jindie Nails shop | swatch by Lacquer is the Best Medicine)

2. Dance Legend - Strutter

Dance Legend is a Russian brand that I've been admiring from afar for a long time--they do a lot of stuff you don't normally see in commercial brands over here! Check this one out...a green/teal with holo shimmer and green microflakies. An explosion of green! I have a feeling that if I was wearing this polish, I wouldn't be able to stop staring at my nails. (Dance Legend shop with list of international stockists | swatch by Pointless Cafe)

3. Model City - Nemesis

I love moody shades like this! Nemesis is a muted olive scattered holographic. It's not bright or in-your-face, but still fascinating to look at! (Model City shop | swatch by Nail Polish Wars)

4. Polish Me Silly - Toe-tally Cosmic

I know it seems like there are a million of these super-multichrome polishes around lately, but this one is unique to me because it seems more "grown-up" thanks to that plum-brown color shift. (The colors get louder when layered over black.) It shifts to gold, green, blue and purple! (Polish Me Silly shop | swatch by Nailz Craze)

5. Models Own - Magpie

Ahhh speckled polishes! Yes they've been done before (I have a couple myself), but I still want them all. Models Own has a new collection of them called Speckled Eggs. I love the base color in this one, of course. I wish UK brands were easier to get!  (Models Own shop, also available at Ninja Polish | swatch by UKNailRunner)

What'd you think of my top five? What polishes are you lusting after right now?


  1. great mani :)) amazing photos

  2. Gorgeous faves! They all look amazing.

  3. Oh hey, I have a near-dupe of PMS's Toe-tally Cosmic - Street Orchid by Anise! I'd been wondering why I hadn't seen anything quite like it, it's such an interesting shift. Makes me think of grapes.

  4. I can tell you're fond of greens! I have been seeing that Dance Legend purdy.

  5. I just got Toe-Tally! It's a lot of fun to wear, I got SO MANY compliments from complete strangers :D