Thursday, March 27, 2014

Swatch: Zoya Dillon

The product in this post was purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

Good morning! Is it spring yet where you are (or fall, for you southerners)? After a cold and insanely windy day here yesterday, it looks like the weather is finally starting to warm up for good! To celebrate, I put on one of the new spring shades from Zoya!

Dillon was my #1 lemming from this collection. It's a pale seafoam green with silver and gold shimmer and glass fleck (a little more green in real life than in my photo). Very cheerful yet delicate!

Zoya Dillon. Two coats with Out the Door topcoat.

Love this one! It has so much shimmer that it skirts the line of becoming a frost, but holds back just enough. Zoya actually describes it as a metallic, but I'm not sure I'd go that far.

The formula on Dillon was pretty nice, maybe a tad runny for my taste, but better than some Zoya cremes I've used. It left some very faint brushstrokes, but not noticeably unless you look closely. (The lines on my ring finger are just my crazy deep ridges!) If you tend to use thin coats, you might need three with this polish.

Dillon is available at ($9 for 15 ml)!

The product in this post was purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


  1. This is beautiful! I can see why it would be a lemming!

  2. I've fallen in love with the shimmers in this collection since they released their promo pics. I've ended up wanting Hudson and Rebel 'cause I looked at Dillon and at Zuza in my drawers and thought "naaaaah, Ilaria you don't need another one...".
    Please, tell me I don't need Dillon too :D
    It's amazing *__*

    1. Dillon is significantly lighter than Zuza, so yes, you need it ;-D

  3. Great swatches! I picked this one up from their St. Patty's Day sale (buy two, get one green polish free). I think it makes a nice "sister polish" to Zuza -- they're not the same, they're similar!