Thursday, June 5, 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge #11: My polish stash...photographed!

Good morning! I'm finally returning to the 2014 Blogger Challenge. You might have noticed that I haven't done it for a couple months--there were some prompts I didn't have much to say about, then I kinda got distracted. But I thought today's topic would be a perfect place to get back on the horse. The prompt is collections. What do I have a giant collection of? Nail polish, of course! If you like to see pictures of organized stuff, you will like this post!

This will obviously be image-heavy, so click the jump to see it all!

OK, so I decided to organize this by brand, starting with the ones I have the most of and moving downward.

Julep: 53

Thanks to all those Maven boxes, mystery boxes and secret store sales, I have more Julep than any other brand!

Revlon and Zoya: 46 each

Before I was married (i.e. before I had my husband looking over my shoulder) I would always grab a polish or three at the grocery store each week. It was usually Revlon because they have so many colors. And Zoya...well, I just love Zoya! Plus they're always having sales!

Indigo Bananas: 21

I was surprised to see an indie brand in fourth place, but Indigo Bananas is my favorite indie, plus I'm internet-friends with the brand owner and I got a lot of these in a Secret Santa swap!

China Glaze, Essie, Sephora by OPI: 20 each

OK, the only reason SOPI is this high on the list is due to that set of 16 minis I bought way back in 2012. But I actually use them fairly often!

OPI: 18

So I actually have less OPI than I thought. Maybe because their collections the past few years haven't wowed me.

L'Oreal: 16

Sally Hansen: 14

Why does Sally Hansen use so many different bottle shapes?? This is really bugging me.

Color Club: 12

I really like Color Club, but it's so hard to find in stores. If you live in NY, NJ, MA or CT, you might be close to a Beauty Plus Salon, and they have a decent Color Club collection!

Orly: 11

Pretty & Polished: 10

My second indie brand. These are entirely from the first three P&P subscription boxes.

Different Dimension: 9

I think this was the first or second indie brand I ever bought.

Maybelline: 7

Alchemy Lacquers, Deborah Lippmann, Hard Candy, Julie G, Wet 'n' Wild: 6 each

This is kind of funny--I bought/received each of these brands (except for the Wet 'n' Wild) all in one go. The Lippmanns were a birthday gift from my parents...I would never have been able to afford six of them at once! The two Wet 'n' Wilds in the middle of the photo come from back in my teenage years.

From here on, I stopped photographing brands individually to save myself some trouble.

ILNP, Love & Beauty, The New Black: 5 each

A England, Sinister Benediction, Alter Ego Nail Enamel, Sinful Colors, Ellagee, Glam Polish: 4 each

Marbles for Polish and Butter London: 3 each

Various brands: 2 each

Now we're coming to the last big chunk of the collection, the pairs and singletons! So many brands here that I need more of!

Lots of brands: only one each :-(

You see that bottle of Kiss in the second-to-last row, next to Cosmic Forces? That's my official Ugliest Polish Ever. I got it sometime in grade school and I have no idea why I bought it or kept it. It's the color of boogers and frosty to boot.

Whew! I'm exhausted! I hope the super-anal among you enjoyed this post! I need to go lie down...


  1. Great post. Love looking at all of these polishes. I keep talking about doing my nail polish collection for my youtube channel and never get around to it. Maybe I should blog it instead lol. xx

  2. Um, I love pictures of organized stuff- the collage at the top is amazing!! This was a really fun post. You've almost made me want to do this challenge! Your Indigo Bananas hoard is calling to me...

  3. What a great collection you have! I loved seeing it and how you organized it in these pictures too :)

  4. wow fantastic collection! I thought I had a lot haha x amazing shades also x

    Sophie Jenner

    My #guessthepolish Competition *Enter Here*

  5. " Why does Sally Hansen use so many different bottle shapes?? This is really bugging me." it's bugging me too! Slight OCD...

  6. Wow! your collection is huge, I love how you've taken your pictures using different layouts, very artsy and professional.

  7. Such an awesome collection, and these pictures look great. So creative!

  8. I loved going through this post! The collage looks so awesome. I almost want to do this myself, but I know myself, it would take me forever to get them all put away.