Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Ugliest(?)

Hey all! What a lazy day we had's starting to get hot and humid here, so all we felt like doing was sitting around and watching TV. Oh well!

I'm finally catching up with the Neverending Pile Challenge with Friday's prompt, which is ugliest. Obviously this is another totally subjective call on my part, but I did have a polish in mind from the start...I chose Julep Karen, which is a pale-but-not-pastel orange shimmer with gold flecks. The silver shimmer gives it a kind of unpleasant greyish cast in my opinion. I paired Karen with Julep Hannah, a greenish-tan creme that I actually really like, but I know some people would consider it "pretty-ugly". It's an ugly combination anyway!

I think this shade of orange might be the single most unflattering color on me EVER. If you're wondering why I own Karen, it came in a Julep mystery box, so I didn't actually choose to buy it!

Total untrieds tried: 55 + chevron decals + 1 stamping plate