Monday, June 2, 2014

May's Gimme That Polish!

Happy June! Here I am, slightly late, with my Gimme That Polish picks for May! These were my top five polishes among all the ones I pinned to my wishlist last month. If you like 'em too, go check out the swatches and then visit the brands' shops! (And if you have no more room in your Helmer for new polish, I'll hold on to them for you...)

1. Dollish Polish - Love Me Some Pie

I was surprised that this one ended up on my list, since I don't normally like this sort of random glitterbomb. But something about the squishy jelly and the contrast between the pink and black glitters sucked me in! (Dollish Polish shop | swatch by Accio Lacquer)

2. Fanchromatic Nails - The Dream of the Apples

This one's not a new release, but it kept popping up in my Etsy feed until finally I had to pin it. Fanchromatic Nails seems to be awesome at making this kind of hazy, ethereal glitter crelly. And I'm really digging the yellow-green base color. (Fanchromatic Nails shop | swatch by Pointless Cafe)

3. Lacquer Lust - Aubergine

I looooove matte polish, and this gorgeous purple suede is calling my name! The shimmer in it just adds more interest while still remaining subtle. (Lacquer Lust shop | swatch by Fashion Polish)

4. Dollish Polish - One Lifetime With You

Yep, it's another Dollish from The Ultimate Fandom Collection! This one is inspired by Aragorn and Arwen from The Lord of the Rings, which is part of why I love it so much. Just look at all those flakes and glitters! I could stare at this macro forever. (Dollish Polish shop | swatch by Accio Lacquer)

5. KBShimmer - Too Pop to Handle

Hnnngg, look at all the purple!! I would love this glittery jelly even without the flashes of holographic rainbows, but they just make everything a bit better, don't they? (KBShimmer shop | swatch by Work Play Polish)

That's all, folks! It's times like this I wish I was a millionaire! What polishes are you currently lusting after?


  1. That Lacquer Lust in Aubergine is gorgeous! I want it!! :)

    x Lisa from The BTQ Blog