Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May's Museum-Worthy Manis!

Hey there! I've finally picked my five favorite nail art designs from my Pinterest board for last month! It was REALLY tough to narrow it down to just five this time...there are so many talented people out there. Read on to see my picks and make sure to go visit the original artists' posts!

1. Greek Pottery by Break Rules, Not Nails

I have a classics degree, so I couldn't NOT pick this one! The patterns come from a MoYou stamping plate, which I need right now, and I love the way she imitated the texture of pottery using saran wrap on her base colors!

2. Watercolor Effect Poppies by Lucy's Stash

Lucy's Stash is one of my absolute favorite blogs for nail art, especially for her floral designs, and this is a perfect example. I love this amazing vintage pattern and all the tiny variations in color she achieves with the watercolor method. She has a tutorial up for this mani if you want to try it yourself! (I might!)

3. Still Life by Wondrously Polished

Wondrously Polished did so many amazing manis this month, but I could only pick one! (Here's my runner-up!) I love it when nail artists use the whole hand as one canvas, and Lindsey has a great eye for color.

4. Woods and Vine by Style Those Nails

The flowers and vines in this mani are beautiful, but what sucked me in was the use of water marbling to make a wood grain pattern! Genius!

5. Epic Love Story by PiggieLuv

I had to save this truly epic set of five manis for last! Somehow Narmai had the fortitude to do a mani for each tier of this gorgeous wedding cake, and she absolutely nailed it! Look at how perfect and crisp those freehanded figures are!!

Well, I'm once again blown away by the talent in the nail art community. What was your favorite mani last month? Who should I be following?