Friday, September 27, 2013

31-Day Challenge #27: inspired by artwork

I was initially nervous about this challenge, because I didn't think I had the talent to reproduce any works of art (except for maybe some really minimalist abstract art). I hope you like the inspiration I eventually came up with...

It's Lascaux Cave art--the original artwork (over 17,000 years old)! I love the style of the animals. Here are the pictures I used for inspiration:

 Here are the polishes I used:
  • Julep Otte
  • L'Oreal Creme Puffs
  • Sephora by OPI Thyme for a Mani
  • Revlon Stormy Night
  • Revlon Timeless
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • OPI My Vampire is Buff
  • Revlon Stiletto
  • L'Oreal Spice Things Up
  • L'Oreal L'Orange
I sponged several colors on the background to get a "rocky" look. At the end I used Revlon's matte topcoat.

Don't forget to admire today's other artsy manis!


  1. This is neat! You did a great job recreating the actual images. Its really detailed, what kind of tool did you use for the lines?

    1. Thank you! I have a set of very small brushes:

  2. this is really neat!! you should have more faith in your abilities, all of your stuff is turning out so well.