Saturday, September 21, 2013

Where do you sound like?

Today I filled out a survey that asks you questions about how you talk, then shows you how similar your dialect is to other people's in the U.S. Here's my map:

I grew up in southeast Michigan, so I'm glad I still sound like it, even though I've been away for nine years. I was more surprised to see that I also talk a lot like Californians! (Although I know my vowels don't sound very Californian, but the survey didn't pick up on that.)

If you grew up in the U.S., you should give it a try and see where you sound like! There's a short survey here and a 140-question one here (which is probably more accurate). I noticed that the website is a bit slow, so if it doesn't load for you, just try again later.

Last night I also got to play the manicurist a little--we had dinner with my husband's cousin and her family, and I got to do her daughter's nails! She was very patient while I worked, and let me take a picture afterwards! (I did make a bit of a mess on her cuticles, oops...)

Happy Saturday!


  1. That test is really neat! I just did the 25 question one but it was crazy accurate and listed my actual city in my top 5.

    1. Cool! The variety in US dialects is pretty amazing, and bigger than most people think!