Friday, September 6, 2013

31-Day Challenge #6: violet patterned tips

For today's challenge I was playing around with striping tape again. Purple is my favorite color, so I had a hard time choosing which polishes to use, but in the end I thought it would be cool to contrast something dark and moody with something sparkly!

The creme is Julep Gabrielle, and the holo shimmer is DIFFERENTdimension Whatever. The holo in this polish isn't intensely rainbow-y, but it gives a little extra dimension (ha!) to the nail.

After I took this picture, my middle fingernail broke, so tomorrow all my nails will be shorter. :-(

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  1. Oh, I really love the sparkly polish peeking out, and you got really nice clean lines. Me and striping tape aren't getting along at the moment.

    1. That's funny. Striping tape always works for me, but Scotch tape is a total crapshoot. :-P

  2. These are really lovely!! love the combination of the two purples together. I gotta get my taping technique up to par with yours!