Saturday, September 14, 2013

31-Day Challenge #14: pansies

Today's challenge theme is flowers. I knew I could pull off a really easy look using dots, but I decided instead to challenge myself by freehanding a type of flower in more detail. I typed in "flowers" in Google image search and my eyes landed on pansies. I think because they look like they have faces, and also because of these creepy guys from Alice in Wonderland:

They're kind of terrifying actually. Real pansies are very pretty though! So I looked up pictures of four different-colored pansies and attempted to reproduce them on my nails.

I'm pretty happy with them! I just need to work on getting smoother lines (I probably need to invest in some polish thinner). I think the one on my index finger is my favorite!

I used five polishes for the main colors, and mixed each of them with black or white to get the darker and lighter shades:
  • Zoya Carmen
  • Revlon Impulsive
  • Essie Lapiz of Luxury
  • Revlon Plum Seduction
  • Sally Hansen Lightening

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  1. wow, these are amazing, theyre so adorable! and i think the alice in wonderland pansies are kinda cute!

    1. Thank you!! I agree they're cute, but also menacing at the same time...

  2. Great pansies!!! Yours are not terrifying like those others lol

  3. I love pansies. You did a good job! I also like the colors you put together, and it reminds me of Andy Warhol's style.

  4. Beautiful! When I saw your link picture I thought of Alice In Wonderland, and it made me smile to see it was your inspiration.