Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Chevron decals from YouPolish

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

Happy weekend! Do you have any fun plans for Memorial Day? I think we're just going to have burgers!

Today's prompt for the Neverending Pile Challenge is untried art supplies. I originally thought I would have to skip this one, since I don't have many nail art supplies except striping tape and stamps (that's for next time!), but luckily just last week I got an awesome set of nail decals from YouPolish to try out! Lauren sent me a whole bunch of different shapes to play with; today I'm just going to show you the chevrons, but I'll show off the others later!

The chevron decals come in two sizes and can either be used like tape (painted over and then removed) or trimmed and left on the nail. (All the decals at YouPolish come in a large range of colors in case you want to leave them on.) I decided to go with the first option.

I started with a base of Color Club Kismet (an untried!) and then Out the Door to make sure everything dried. Then I stuck on my chevron decals and painted two coats of Revlon Stormy Night on top. While that was still wet, I removed the chevrons to reveal the holo underneath! I waited a while before adding my final topcoat to avoid smudging the design.

The decals were very easy to use! They stick to the nail really well, so there's little risk of polish leaking in underneath them and making your design messy. (Since they are so sticky, you have to make sure your base color is absolutely dry before applying the decals, or they'll tear up the polish when you remove them.) They peeled up very nicely without smudging, as you can see! I definitely recommend using tweezers to manipulate them, especially the smaller ones--it's just a whole lot easier.

Here's the sheet of decals I received. (This is after I did my mani, but you get the idea.) It has 40 large decals and 63 small ones, enough for lots of manis! I believe you get this sheet if you order one of the sample packs of eight decal designs for $12.50. You can also order sheets of 100 large or small chevrons for $5.50. That sounds like a good deal to me!

If you love the chevron design but don't want to deal with cutting up bits of Scotch tape, these decals were made for you! YouPolish has TONS of other decal and stencil patterns too, so go check them out!

Total untrieds tried: 46 + chevron decals

Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.