Thursday, May 1, 2014

April's Gimme That Polish!

Good morning! It's time once again for Gimme That Polish! (I realize I'm slightly late, but hey.) I'm going to show you the five polishes I lusted after most in April. This time they're all indies! You can see my entire wishlist on my Pinterest board. Check out the polishes below and make sure to give the original swatchers some love by visiting their review posts!

1. Cadillacquer - Survivor

Both I and Debbie at The Crumpet are totally in love with this polish! Simply put, it's a purple lover's dream. (Cadillacquer shop | swatch by The Crumpet)

2. Contrary Polish - Strange Changes

I am just head-over-heels with this style of pale, sheer polish with amazing shimmer. I have a zillion on my wishlist and I'm even planning to make one for an upcoming collection! I love how ethereal this one looks. (Contrary Polish shop | swatch by Vampy Varnish)

3. Delush Polish - Medusa's Verde

Delush Polish's spring collection has been all over the blogosphere lately. Since I'm a glitter crelly fan, I like them all, but this one's my favorite. I think it's the combo of pale green with metallic glitter that gets me! (Delush Polish shop | swatch by Let Them Have Polish)

4. Maya Cosmetics - Beach Baby

Not only do I love glitter crellies, I'm also a sucker for well-executed microglitter bombs. This one is actually reminiscent of a polish in my own shop! I love the orange/pink tones in Beach Baby--doesn't it make you think of a beach at sunset? (Maya Cosmetics shop | swatch by Things I Love at the Moment)

5. Powder Perfect - Secret Passageway

Another fantastic glitter crelly! Love the warmth of the metallics against the cool grey backdrop. (Powder Perfect shop | swatch by Gnarly Gnails)

There you have it! What's your biggest lemming lately?


  1. There all pretty and I like how most of them are neutral in color too.

  2. My fav is Secret Passageway. It is gorgeous!