Monday, May 19, 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Bejeweled skittles

Happy Monday! Today's Neverending Pile Challenge theme is skittles. Definitely a good opportunity to burn through some untrieds! If you read my Museum-Worthy Manis post for April, you might remember the beautiful gemstone nails done by Chalkboard Nails, who also created a tutorial for them. Well, Cait at Polish Hound suggested I try to recreate this mani for the Neverending Pile Challenge--what a great idea! So here goes nothing!

So they aren't as good as Chalkboard Nails' version (duh), mostly due to the fact that I can't paint an even line to save my life. But I couldn't help staring at them anyway! I have always had a soft spot for jewel tones. The polished I used were Zoya Giovanna, Zoya Song, China Glaze Coconut Kiss, and Orly Radiant (all untried), plus Revlon Stiletto and Maybelline Porcelain Party for creating darker/lighter shades.

This was a fairly time-consuming mani (about two hours to do four nails), mostly because I had to do a lot of mixing to get all the shades of each color, but technically it was pretty simple, so you should definitely give it a try!

Here's an in-progress shot I took where you can see my "palette"!

Total untrieds tried: 41



  1. This is really pretty!!

  2. Ahhh, I am so happy you did this one! They came out wonderfully, and props for in-progress behind the scenes! (And 41 polishes down already?? Woop!)