Friday, January 16, 2015

Today's mani: Reciprocal gradient with A England

Happy Friday!! Today I tried out a reciprocal gradient inspired by some of the manis at Simply Nailogical. She does some amazing stuff with gradients!

Unfortunately the colors I used weren't different enough to make the pattern as visible as I wanted. But in real life my nails still look pretty cool and subtle. I will definitely have to do this one again!

The polishes I used were A England Ascalon, Sleeping Palace and Briarwood. In case it's not clear what I did, I started by doing a gradient of all three, let that dry, then put down Scotch tape in triangle shapes and did another gradient going in the opposite direction.


  1. Its gorgeous! Can't wait to see you do more of these types of reciprocal gradients then.

  2. That is pretty subtle but sooooo pretty! Gah...I need Sleeping Palace and Briarwood already!

  3. This is subtle but seriously gorgeous!