Sunday, January 4, 2015

More pics from vacation

Happy New Year everyone!! 2014 sure went by quickly, didn't it?

We got back from our long trip yesterday after driving 5.5 hours through the big storm that was all over the eastern U.S. Now it's time to get back to life (and start eating better again!), but first I'll show you some more manis I wore over the holidays, and a couple other photos!

This was what I wore on Christmas: Happy Hands Metal Heart.

Then for my 10-year high school reunion, I wore Powder Perfect Maneater with an accent of Indigo Bananas Moonlight:

You can't see it in the sun, but Maneater actually has a lot of blue-green iridescent glitter, so I took another pic that shows it better:

Finally, I have a few photos from our visit to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. I used to go there for field trips all the time, but I hadn't been back in many years. As you might guess, the museum mainly focuses on the history of technology, especially cars, trains and planes, but they have a lot of other exhibits too, such as the chair Abraham Lincoln was shot in. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

Here's the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile:

Rosa Parks' bus:

FDR's presidential limo (they also have JFK's limo, which was actually used by other presidents after JFK was assassinated in it. Kinda morbid, don't you think?):

One of their special exhibits was a Lego display with some models of Detroit skyscrapers:

I'll be back soon with a roundup of some of my favorite manis from 2014!


  1. That Lego display is pretty awesome! I really want some Powder Perfect polishes - every swatch photo or manicure I've seen with them is just gorgeous. :)

  2. Great to see pictures from your vacation! Looked like such a fun trip.

  3. Sounds like a great museum. Looking forward to your roundup post :)

  4. your nails look adorable ;)
    I loveee this manicure <3

    Xx Julia

  5. Fun! I looooove the Maneater manicure!

  6. Hi Alison, I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village were school field trip staples. Of course, one appreciates museums much more when all grown up! I was especially impressed with Rosa Parks' bus and the HUGE locomotive that they had to build a special track for just to get it in the building. I enjoy your blog!